Our Math Practice system

It is imperative for students to practice math from their early classes & strengthen their basics.develop speed & accuracy in calculating.

Practice for 6 Months & Become thorough in MATH for a Lifetime

Conceptual Understanding

Once Students get a good hold of MATH Concepts, they will be ready for intermediate & higher difficulty level problems. This improves their Confidence & Solve problems on their own.

Our Practice system has been created after studying hundreds of students & understanding the common mistakes they make, their learning gaps & the reasons why they develop a fear of Math.

Well Researched MATH Practice System

We Understand Student Psyche

Without proper basics & quick calculating skills students cannot excel in Math. Students learn by practice. But they require the guidance as to what they need to practice & how it will help them clear their learning gaps.

Please find a detailed article on the same, published in Deccan Herald entitles “Getting rid of the Maths fear” here: